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Awards 2022
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Advisory Board

Abraham Beutelspacher Salas
Engineering Manager, Beutelspacher, S.A. de C.V.

Alfredo Calderón
Director, ACG Plastics Consulting

Gabriel Catino Lorenzo
Technical Development Director, Polymer and Raw Materials, POLYMAT

Rodolfo Flores Flores
Head and Coordinator of the Technical Assistance Laboratory, Research Center in Applied Chemistry, CIQA.

Manuel Gutiérrez Nava
Synthesis and Polymer Formulation Manager, CIATEQ

Susana Hernández
Technical Manager, ANIPAC

Raúl Mendoza
General Director, ANIPAC

Scarlett Rangel Soriano
Sustainability Manager, Citrulsa Mexico

Rubén Saldívar Guerrero
Researcher, Center for Research in Applied Chemistry, CIQA

Annick Stroobants López
Manager of Attention to Associates and responsible for the Foreign Trade Commission, ANIPAC

Aldimir Torres Arenas
President, ANIPAC

Alethia Vázquez Morillas
Professor and Researcher, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Azcapotzalco