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Dear Exhibitors: We offer you a number of different logos in variable file formats. You may use the event’s logo in your advertisements, e-mails, print products relating to the trade fair, invitations and wherever else it simply can’t be missed under the following conditions

You are welcome to use our trademarked logos to indicate your participation in the trade fair or as part of a contractually agreed currently existing service partnership, but not – as a trade mark – to advertise your own products and services.

You are in particular not allowed to use our logos in any way that may give any addressee the impression that your company was affiliated to us, that any products and services offered by your company would originate from us or were approved by us, or that our company was – instead of your company – any third party’s contractual partner. To this end the logos made available here for download must not appear in a more prominent manner than your own company logo.

Banner 300x250

PDF Banner 300x250

Note: Download and include your booth number at xxxx.

Banner 940x90

PDF Banner 940x90

Note: Download and include your booth number at xxxx.