Topics of interest in the Plastics Industry

PLASTIMAGEN MÉXICO® 2017 is the most important event specializing in the plastics industry in Latin America. It will be held from November 7 to 10, 2017, at the Centro Banamex in Mexico City, where over 30,000 visitors and 870 exhibitors with more than 1,300 brands will gather to show their latest products and services for the market, for example:

  • The raw materials, additives and components that are used in the conformation and modification of polymers to obtain the desired characteristics and properties according to the products to be manufactured.
  • Exhibition of Machinery and equipment with leading-edge technology for the different plastic thermoforming processes, such as:
    • Plastic extrusion
    • Blown
    • Vacuum
    • Injection molding
    • Rotomolding
    • Foaming
    • Pressing
    • Conforming
  • Agro plastics to provide protection materials created from polymers adequately designed for agriculture and without any negative effect on the crops.
  • Renewable alternatives to the polymers, produced from fossil remains through Bio plasticsmade from corn, starch and even algae biomass sources, which become biodegradable products and materials.
  • Solutions for pollution, recycling of PET and how to recycle plastic bottles.
  • Toolssuch as
    • The molds and diesmade of high-grade materials to withstand the forces involved in the injection equipment and obtain high-quality pieces.
    • For flat film extrusion, the dies,which are the essential pieces that will give shape to the polymer for its final application.
  • Instrumentation and process control.
  • Services for plastics manufacturing.
  • Financial services and products specializing in the industry.
  • And many other newly-introduced high-tech services and products for the development of our industry.

Plastic has been defined as all that material of natural or synthetic origin that is capable of being hot formed or molded.  Today, after just over 100 years of development, this material has become a fundamental part of practically all the products we use: everything from the most advanced parts of airplanes (like the nose of the Concorde in its time) car parts such as the covers of car lights, insulation pieces for computer and electrical equipment to the simplest items in the home, for example window frames, the acrylic domes  in roofs, the structure of cell phones, the packing used to wrap the food you buy in the supermarket, toothbrushes for personal hygiene, the formica tops in the kitchen, plastic bags and bottles and PET, etc.

These materials are so much a part of our daily lives that we don’t often stop to ask ourselves what plastic is, how plastic is made, what types of plastic there are, what properties plastic has  or about the history of plastic.  

So PLASTIMAGEN MEXICO® 2017 is the place that will be attended by the most important representatives of the national and international plastics industry and where we invite you to see and learn about the important innovations in products, materials and services that our exhibitors want to show you and that your company needs.