Why invest in Mexico?

The Mexican plastics industry has had a positive performance in 2015; consumption and production experienced growth of 8.8% and 7.7%, respectively. The best news is that exports, reaching 1.7 million tons, represented 33% of total production. However, since this favorable trend might be affected due to the currently low price of oil, the members of the National Association of Plastics Industries, aka ANIPAC (Spanish acronym), is currently analyzing the present and future state of the industry..

Optimistic outlook of senior management over the next three years, according to the survey Global CEO Outlook 2015:

“The growth imperative in a more competitive environment” (Global CEO Outlook 2015 conducted by KPMG International). There are three key aspects that allow us to anticipate growth in the near future.

  • An increase of job opportunities is foreseen: 78% of CEO’s expect to increase their workforce in the next three years; 17% expect increases over 11%, and 35% anticipate an increase between 6% and 10%.
  • CEO’s are optimistic about the economy: 69% of Europe CEO’s are more confident than last year in terms of growth and global economy in the next three years; 66% of Asia-Pacific CEO’s and 52% of U.S. CEO’s share this perspective.
  • Optimism in businesses performance: while assessing the growth outlook of their own businesses, 70% of the Europe CEO’s, 68% of Asia-Pacific CEO’s and 19% of U.S. CEO’s say they are more confident than last year. (Source: KPMG 2015 Global CEO Outlook 2015. “The growth imperative in a more competitive environment.”)

Technological innovation is one of the areas where PLASTIMAGEN® MÉXICO contributes to support Mexican companies. Visitors, who are responsible for making purchase decisions for companies that make a difference in our country, will find in the exhibition halls a full range of raw materials, the most innovative machinery/equipment, and training services that are necessary for your product to compete on equal terms with any country in the world.